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星星 XingXing

XingXing , in Chinese “Star “: a body that emits energy and light.
In the house designed by Marco Piva for Materials Village, the material, both natural and synthetic, is treated to communicate with the light.
The matter reflects, refracts, emits its own light, is alive with texture and signs that make it lively, engaging.
The material emits a changeable energy, a synesthetic one, that interacts with natural and artificial light sources .
Carrara statuary marble, the Sicilian lava stone , concrete, steel and Venetian crystal gems, between chromatic contrasts and new tactile and visual perceptions, are the protagonists of this space, intentionally transcendent, which alludes to the home in terms of simplicity and rigorous volumetric space.
With the collaboration of the prestigious Italian companies Apuomarg, Casapiù, Gattoni Rubinetteria and Leo Visconti, the project XingXing tells the intrinsic qualities of matter, expressed through the human capacity to identify and shape them.
The world of nature and artifice meet in XingXing, a space of elegant geometries and refined modulations.
Technical partner: Brand Glass, Pellitteri Led Light, Zonca