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Anantara Hotel

The Anantara Hotel and Spa, blends the efficiency of a business hotel together with the recreation and leisure services necessary to relax and regenerate oneself at best. A carefully studied lighting design and in-depth research of materials, characterises the space. Soft, diffused illumination creates an intricate play of light and shadows, highlighted further by the balance between translucency and opacity between the spaces. A select range of materials include rich woods, which emit warmth and add texture to the interiors and vividly coloured glass, creating important and attractive focal points. Opulent textiles, such as raw silks and tapestries, are not only used as upholsteries, but are included to complete the design with charming and bright details and accents. The interior design carried out by Studio Marco Piva interprets the dual purpose of this hotel through a contemporary design, enriched with fine collections of traditional antiques and original artefacts.