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The work of Nature has always created amazing shapes, materials and colours stimulating our existence and sensibility.  CAVE is a Rug Collection inspired by marbles and their own shades of colour. The uniqueness of the marble colour and grain is shifted from Marco Piva’s creative thrust into the preciousness of the Sahrai Milano Rug ‘s workmanship. The colours blend of handknotted wool and silk transforms the firmness of the marble element. This amazing metamorphosis has created a series of unique beautifully crafted Rugs in line with the latest aesthetic needs of the interior design world. The research process is based on the selection of designs drawn from Nature in collaboration with Antolini the Italian marble producer. A solid colour of marble is introduced as a disruptive element and becomes a graphic signature, an intervention intended as a breaking element within the natural landscape enhancing the Rug’s manufacture. There are eight chromatic families generating different expressive moods to use in diverse contemporary interiors with a palette full of nuances from neutral to decisive colours.