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Città della Salute

Within the 5+1AA Competition for “Città della Salute e della Ricerca” in the municipality of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan, Italy), Marco Piva oversaw the Interior Design of the public  and reception areas and the rooms of the Hospital structures.
The design took strongly into account the need to create spaces oriented to both the physical and psychological well-being, trying to reduce the patient’s perception of segregation through the integration of areas in support of patients and visitors.

The design aim was to create a space that reclaim as much as possible a family atmosphere, capable of expressing a feeling of intimacy.

A great effort has been put in this way in the choice of the finishes, in the quality of the materials, lighting and colours.

To achieve an adequate level of comfort we have paid special attention to the aesthetics of the environment: all rooms are equipped with bow- window, to maximize the natural light.
Another fundamental choice was to place partition wall in each room with two bed, to guarantee the patience privacy.

The design choices in the pediatric area  hospital is designed to accommodate more than curate, not only for the child but also their parents.
The architecture, furnishings and equipment are in size  for a child, but structured for the permanence of a parent, with recreational and socializing spaces within the department .
The room facilities are designed not only to give professional workspaces optimal and technologies, but above all to guarantee a response to all the needs of children and their families, creating an environment that makes the least traumatic as possible the stay in hospital.
For Hospice area the overall environment is not formal, with a strong domestic connotation. The level of finishes and amenities make it look like the rooms of a residence, allowing maximum privacy.