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City of Light

In the 2017 exhibition White Architecture inside White in the City project, Marco piva has designed for Helios Automazioni the sculpture City of Light, a further investigation into the ratio between matter and light in Marco Piva’s Architectural projects where Aluminium, Marble, and Light merge together.

In a play between scales and volumes, various volumetric elements of different heights arise and grow vertically, simulating the architectural environment of hypothetical metropolis. The installation consists of 20 blocks of white polished marble, supported structures that uniformly disperse the light through the stone material. The base plate, which recalls the regular grid of an urban plan development, contains a system of LED projectors characterized by a frosted cold light.

Partners: Nicodemo Marmi Srl, Morrone Group Arreda Srl, Aceto Marmi Sas di Aceto Sante & C, Progetto Marmi di Talamo Antonio, Tecnoporro, Ilpa Adesivi, Labor Vetro, Foresti Santino, Giuliano Rainone.

Photo Credit: Andrea Martiradonna / Helios Automazioni