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Club Med

The master plan layout is centred around the primary functional node, where the main services such as the Hall, Main Restaurant, Lounge Bar, Theatre and Disco, Mini Club are found.
This node diverts into the other multitude of services available, such as the Spa and Fitness Centre, Sailing Club, Beach Snack Bar and the Typical Restaurant.
This layout aims at easing the problem of overcrowded areas, particularly during peak seasons.
The same principle has been applied to the distribution of the bungalow com¬plex, which have been developed into main arteries.
This choice allows the strategic organi¬sation of the residential units, optimising the number of units as well as possibility of activating the Village in zones, accor¬ding to the season, bookings and de¬mand.
This distribution is further explicable due to the natural characteristics of the island. It being subject to strong winds, its topography and the importance of the existing natural park.