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Conversation on Stone


New Marble Generation_Curated by Vincenzo Pavan, Raffaello Galiotto

Sinuosity and lightness come together in the installation “CONVERSATION ON STONE” designed by Marco Piva for the company Helios Automazioni at Marmomacc 2016.
The stone material is presented in an unusual duality, solid and dynamic, in a scenic area of encounter and reflection, characterized by robust yet lithe seats  on which to meditate. Epigrams, considerations and thoughts are ideally imprinted on thin slabs of curved marble, depicted symbolically as sheets by the wind.
The marble material shows its nature and at the same time becomes something else, hovering in space like the pages of a book yet to be written: an inspiration to start a conversation on the new possibilities offered by technology and the artisan wisdom, capable of shaping this material in ever new surprising forms.