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Dialog as a Design Tool

5+1AA, Carta Associés, Studio Marco Piva
Three Agencies geographically far from each other decided to make a journey together.
“Dialog as a design tool”: a scenario of interaction that made the plurality of approaches the added value; a relationship that opens up new perspectives on the role of architectural design and the design process.
And it is precisely in Venice, during the Biennale, an international meeting place but which often does not mean dialogue, that the collaboration
between the three agencies was staged.
On June 5th, in La Fenice Teather of Venice, a symbolic place of Venetian and Italian Art and Culture, Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo, Roland Carta and Marco Piva, coordinated by Philippe Daverio and Giorgio Tartaro met a select international audience and discovered together La Fenice.

A special thanks to the partners: OIKOS , Linea Light Group, Essequattro, Berlucchi