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Dianshan Lake

Studio Marco Piva aim in the project of Dianshan Lake Masterplan concept was to create the basis for a strong link between Eastern and Western Cultures, with a transcultural design development that rise up from the Chinese culture, yet meeting the International lifestyle requirements. The starting point of the design was in the fish figure, an important motif in Chinese mythology. The inspiration came from the New Year Chinese paintings, where the fish figure is a homophone of “surplus” and implies a wish for “prosperity”. A two fishes figure generates the masterplan main shape. Another shape of reference have been the monumental portal of Western Culture, such as the gate of Milanese Brera Art Academy, compared to the Chinese main ones. The design proposal for Dianshan Lake deliver a coordinated solution for a multifunctional land use. An organic and harmonious CONTINUUM, articulated in FORMAL and FUNCTIONAL solutions