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Eden Park

The theme of the competition was the design of an innovative high quality residential structure along the shore of Lake Lugano, Switzerland, with a mix of function such as hotel, restaurant, fitness, wellness, apartments, offices, that has to take into account the landscape aspects of the area.

Studio Marco Piva imagined a complex  composed interconnected architectural elements: a building facing the lake and a building facing the road . A characterizing element is the “Porta D’Oro” (Golden Gate), a kind of great physical and visual passage that interconnects the Lake with the new Residential Complex  conceived, an elemement that Is both Functional than metaphor of the relationship between the buildings distributed along the coast and Lake.

The body of the building located along the main road, consists of a central body that includes the car parks, the reception, the lobby, a business center and a large conference room, plus facilities and services, rooms, apartments, and other meetings services.
The terrace level offers an articulated space destined for a roof garden with a swimming pool and fitness center, intended for the residential block condos.

The main building, overlooking the lake, consists of a section dedicated to the functions of the hotel, and by the Golden Gate, made up of the volume of the Hall and the various floors lobby and containing the panoramic elevators and other vertical-movement systems.
The building was designed following the necessary precautions for the full vertical and horizontal building accessibility to the disabled.

EDEN PARC have been designed to be not just a transitional place, but as a place of welcome, working and living.