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Icon Tower

Icon as a symbol of a city, that’s the aim of the redevelopment project of the area of Novokuznetsk, a city in the southwest Siberia (Russia).
The focus of this ambitious project will be to restore order to the exi¬sting urban arrangement, creating a massive structure, in order to enhance the unique relationship between an architectural model and the urban design of this city. The building project will be about 150 meter high, with 36 floors.
In the basement (Ground floor) will take place commercial areas, re¬staurants, bars and a large covered square.
All absolutely permeable to light and transparence as to convey a sense of vision both outside the body of the building, than inside.
The apparent simplicity conceals a complex engineering solution of the tower, made of a lightweight core and designed with large win¬dows screens, through an interplay of texture is made of a metal mesh, giving life to an innovative solution, the result of a specific interplay between aesthetics and technology. The principle of eco sustainability is the core of the project, most part of the energy produced will be captu¬red and reused.