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Laguna Terminal

The complex is made up of several buildings, including the Laguna Palace Hotel & Confe¬rence Centre. A total of 213 rooms of diffe-rent types, a large reception / hall, a huge lounge, restaurants and an overall conferen¬ce capacity of over 1000 seats, the Laguna Suites Suites & Club, a building of 100 units of 55/60 square meters, and a two-level un¬derground garage capable of holding over 750 cars.
All this is linked to a basin with berths for over 400 boats covered by the world’s largest transparent glass roof, facing on to the canal that leads to Venice.
The Laguna Palace Hotel & Conference Cen¬ter is a large hotel capable of meeting the requirements of any type of guest.
High technology, elegance, simplicity and comfort are the hallmarks of every type of room.
The project concept springs from and has its roots in the traditions of the hi¬storical Italian city that, partly because of its special morphological characte¬ristics, given the presence of the sea, possesses a magical beauty that makes it unique in the world.