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Mandelli1953_Zeit and Seven

ZEIT lever, designed by Marco Piva for Mandelli 1953, is consistent with the vast research on shapes and materials carried out by the designer as main focus of his activity: a research on new tactile and visual effects to confer upon items of daily use. ZEIT stays for “time” in German, a word referring to the flow of time, to the “passage” that a lever represents.  An archetypal, symmetric hand of a watch, that, fixed on a central pivot, stays the same though changing its direction and that apparently develops other features as the light impacts on its surface.12 months of the year, 12 sectors on a watch… 12 symmetrical facets on ZEIT.

Entirely made of steel, SEVEN is characterised by a straight but sinuous graphic sign that calls to mind the shape of number seven, from which it takes its name.
With its markedly geometric shapes and essential outward lines, the grip is slightly rounded internally, to meet specific ergonomic requirements. The slightly convex base of the handle fits in perfectly with its central body, giving the handle a linear, seamless appearance.