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Medea Stadium

For the new Medea Stadium in Batumi, Georgia, Studio Marco Piva and Arup created a sort of green boulevard equipped with pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, play areas for children, stalls and areas for setting up small outdoor shows.

Georgia is the famous place described as Colchides, in the Mithical History of Giason and the Golden Fleece. To develop our Concept Design we refer to the Myth where the shape of the Golden Fleece give us the reference to define the basic geometry of the New Stadium.

Also the shape of the old time sails is a source of reference to create our Design..The combination of these two elements generates the “fractal” components that surround the Playground and create the Hard and the soft skin of the Stadium Body. The aim is to create covered parking, commercial spaces, dining areas and various other entertainment and leisure facility, to demonstrate the idea that a stadium is not conceived just for football, but also for other independent activities. Our Concept Design is suggesting the creation of special patterns and textures that could be played on the Glass, Metal and Fabric surfaces of the Stadium Volumes.

The Patterns could also bring more emotional elements into Design through the use of RGB LED lights, able to diffuse the different moods around the Stadium Location, creating a Landmark in the City sce­nario.On the first level are placed the VIP reception areas, the insider’s boxes (press, conference, security, nurse¬ry), the ones for the athletes (changing rooms, gyms and massage) and a reserved parking area.

The second level is fully designed for reserved parking and a small reception area for VIPs.The third level is the natural continuation of the outer boulevard with 16 “islands” for kiosks, shops, and sanitation.

In the fourth and fifth place local level are reserved to the VIP area, conference rooms, catering and shops of the two clubs using the facility.