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This project concerns an innovative, carbon neutral and self-sustainable national museum for the visual arts in Malta presenting stories and related objects. It shall be located at Auberge d’Italie; a historic site in the World Heritage Site of Valletta, Malta’s Capital city.

The architectural interventions proposed by Studio Marco Piva are not invasive, but carefully studied, designed and integrated to highlight and exploit on one hand, the structure of the building that houses the museum, and on the other, the external context by which its construction promotes dynamic interaction. The new volumes redefine the vertical routes and become an interface that is useful to communicate with the exterior, promoting the cultural content and offering it to the public beyond the perimeter walls of the museum. Unused spaces such as terraces have been re-designed to house areas for catering and temporary exhibitions. Such activities promote the use of the building also during the late hours of the evening.

In order to improve the use of the central courtyard a tensile structure is being proposed to support a mechanically operated retractable fabric. This technical fabric shall act as a screen during pre-determined times upon which projectors project the actual stellar constellations visible over the Maltese Islands at the respective periods of observation. Such projections may be assisted by audible information. The design of this tensile structure interprets the system of navigational routes that bind the historical, cultural and trading activities in the Med­iterranean and also allows for the possibility of using this area independently during the late hours of the evening.

The journey of the visitors around the museum is represented metaphorically by the fluidity of the elements of WATER and SKY.

The concept intends to develop a cultural awareness of the beauty of art that allows us to unite the sky the earth and the sea, giving rise to an intriguing, cognitive and emotional journey around the exhibits.