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Porto Phoenice

One of the most important sites on the Red Sea coast, PORTO PHOENICE DEVELOPMENT lies approximately 29 kilometres south of Marsa Alam Airport.

The architecture project is a well studied and designed architecture project, with medium to low density edifices carefully distributed over the territory. A low architecture which is visually intriguing, with perspicaciously placed volumes creating an interesting balance between open and closed space; a sought after equilibrium between private and public spaces, all of which nestle in lush and overflowing vegetation. An in depth study into the architecture, both its aesthetics as well as its function must be rigorous and exhaustive, ensuring that the architectural solutions are perfectly adaptable and coherent to the site and its environment. The inspiration will be the Mediterranean, its most beautiful and characteristic islands like Sardinia, Capri and Sicily. The prestigious Italian Mediterranean lifestyle and attitude that should be infused into the Red Sea Coast.

A balanced blend of nature and architecture … an ideal setting in which to relax.