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Rawdhat Residential Buildings

Rawdhat Residential Buildings are located in Abu Dhabi, UAE and is part of “Rawdhat” Development. Seeking for alternatives to guarantee the individuality of each plot, the project was developed according to the standards, guidelines and objectives of Rawdhat Abu Dhabi, an urban village that natures communal attitudes and sustainable living and an atmosphere of opulence, comfort and tranquillity.
The project is consists of two modern buildings, composed by two linked volumes, designed as Solid Mass and Glass Mass, Vertical Lines and Horizontal Lines.
The two towers contain a total of 180 apartment, from 1 to 3 bedrooms with living areas from 70 to 182 sqm to suite variety of occupants with small or larger families.
The design allows many facilities and features which add value to the buildings in general and ultimately enhance serviceability to the end user. These facilities range from common area between the two buildings to kids area, juice bar, fitness centre and beauty centre on ground floor level.