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Sahrai Showroom, London

In the prestigious Mayfair district, heart of London city, Marco Piva has been called to project the interior design of the new Sahrai Milano showroom. The space, 300 square meters on two levels, has been designed as extremely clean and functional, modern and elegant.

The chosen colors are neutral, with a chromatic predominance of gray, dove and white, colors that express contemporary and refined elegance on the one hand, and recall the brand tradition on the other. At the same time, these shades are emotionally charged, thanks to a clear play of contrasts between floor, walls and exposed carpets, which create a light-dark alternation that seems to change the visual perception of the environment, making it look deeper. A sequence of lights and reflections, shine and matt, polished and satin textures, where carpets are always the true protagonists, exposed both on the walls and on the floor in an innovative way, to foster interaction with the customer and wrap them with their softness and tactility.