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Sicis Showroom

Located at 8, Via Fatebenefratelli, the showroom is the first of a series that will be spread around the world. It springs from the creativity of Marco Piva, who had previously carried out research with Sicis regarding materials and the various possibilities offered by the use of mosaic pieces. The showroom, set up inside a beautiful, valuable early eighteenth-century building, marks a fresh episode of this collaboration. Facing St. Mark’s Church, the building is laid out on three levels, linked horizontally as well as vertically by emptying the floors, making space for great scenographic displays created with mosaic pieces.
A steel and glass staircase connects these 3 levels, built inside a stairwell completely lined in mosaics designed by Marco Piva in tones that range from the chromatic warmth of intense reds to the coldness of the blue shades, almost a transition from the centre of the earth to the sky.
The showroom designed by Marco Piva is an extremely flexible and dynamic space. Indeed, any section of flooring or vertical painting can be removed and replaced as required, or on the basis of events linked to projects or to the launch of new collections. In particular, on the inauguration evening the collections entitled “The Fumetto” and “Glass³” will be presented.