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Souq Mixed Use District Bahrain

The masterplan concept for the development of the new industrial and medical enterteinment area in the desert zone of Riffa starts from the study of the context. The genesis of the masterplan comes from the image of the oyster’s shell and its precious content, as pearl fisheries in Bahrain is one the most famous in the world. The project is ideally divided in three part, as the oyster: the external facade (the outer shell of the oyster – rough skin),  the courtyard facade (the mother of pearl – smooth skin), and the focus point (the pearl).The pearl, coinceved as a skyview restaurant, in its rotating movement on the axix linking Riffa with Manama (Bahrain main city), generates an open square, the meeting point of the surrounding functional buildings, dedicated to retail, enterteinment/medical and residential. A new PEARL on the AXIS linking Riffa with Manama.