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The Gate

The Gate Hotel project is really challenging : to realize a Five Stars Hotel in the fast developing contest of Doha, one of the most prestigious location in the World. The Concept is aimed to create a Complex Building, designed to stand out in an area of the city that is still suffering a lack of identity. The plot is surrounded by empty spaces and few scattered buildings of different dimensions, with no special appearance.

The Concept is to offer to the City a Building able to be attractive, with a strong identity, memorable, functional and reach of surprising elements. More, we designed a proposal that is taking care of efficiency in the use of energy and above all able to interact strategically with the local environment, characterized in summer by extreme wether conditions.

The Building, based on the requested number of rooms and related public spaces, could have been massive, fully occupying the all plot, but in our design intention, on the contrary, has been conceived as a fragmented volume, designed to interact during the day with the natural light and in the evening offering spectacular light effects to the city.

The structure of the building is based on a Double levels of Parking Areas. A Podium with all public areas : entrances, lounges, restaurant, shops, coffee Shop and bar, A upper level with conference and meeting spaces. Business center, dedicated breakfast room, plus services. 13 floors of rooms, suites, apartments

THE GATE is designed to avoid continuous Glass Facades, giving free access to all windows and balconies.This “ intention “ is to create a durable, easy maintenance and fully efficient Hotel Complex is achieve by the inner facade, protected by balconies and terrace.

Through its combination of stone, glass and texturized surfaces, with its dynamical interaction with sun light, sky and water, The Gate will be recognize as an iconic architecture shining out day and night in Doha.