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Una Hotel_Bologna

A decisive characteristic of this architecture project is the development of a building that has an active interaction with the city of Bologna. For this to be realised, colour and light are used as architectural elements, allowing the building to appear like a visually communicative constituent.

The façade of the UNA Hotel is an interface to the city of Bologna. The large windows, punctured into the bronzed steel façade are given life through an inbuilt lighting system, which washes each aperture with a pre-defined colour. This blithe use of colour and light infuses contemporary character to the building and establishes UNA Hotel as a landmark in the city of Bologna.

This desire to communicate is further emphasised in the double height glass portico, where a continuous flow between the interior and exterior of the hotel is pleasantly sensed. The well articulated use of energetic colours is perceived directly and acutely from the exterior. The contemporary design includes a balance of warm and cool colours, where consequently all materials and finishes used in these interiors are distinguished by the vibrant colour palette. The horizontally striped orange and turquoise panels create strong focal points, given a sharper edge with the use of scotch-brite steel, clear glass and state of the art lighting design. The colour composition becomes a language in its own right, inviting and signalling people into the building.