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Panoramic Walk, Harbour, Boat Parking, View Point
Restaurant, Yacht Club, Fuel Station
Office Building, Sailing School, Administrative Office
Beach Bar, Sport Center, Security Station, Drying Area
Commercial Spaces, Heliport

Built up area

7.600 sqm


Algeri, Algeria



The Marina Concept Design has been developed on the base of “organic shapes”, the harbour protection brake waters expand from the shore into the sea like long gentle tentacular arms to embrace boats coming from the roaring waters to land at El Djazair Hospitality and Residential Complex. The project by Studio Marco Piva is a beautiful expansion of the surprising complex of a Five Star Luxury Hotel and Apartments Building, enriched by one of the most vast and exclusive SPA of the all Mediterranean Sea

The Studio has conceived a continuity in the Landscape Design that will guide the Hotel Guest and Residents, as well as other visitors, from the sandy shores to the Harbour, that consists in two arms designed to protect the inner water from waves and wind. Along these arms Yachts and Vessels will be able to dock around a Center View Point: The Marina El Djazair Yacht Club.