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Emirates Land Group


Residential and Commercial Complex
G + 9 + Mangrove + Basement
41 Duplex Apartments
Wellness Center, Business Center, Lounge Bar and Kids Area

Built up area

22.000 sqm


Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.



The response to this challenge was through creating a rhythm in the pattern, in order to create harmony in the composition. Using the noblest of contemporary materials, the philosophy behind Melody Homes was to create a new concept in urban living, a concept that offers its residents the unique choice of self-contained villa living or a more social lifestyle with access to luxuries beyond one’s own residence.

Studio Marco Piva proposed architecture is a minimalistic and sophisticated, yet classical, villa-style residence, designed to be distinctive from the existing luxury housing market in Abu Dhabi. The main challenge in this project was how to maintain the diversity within the layout of the apartments and to keep unity within the composition.