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Star Superior Business Hotel
Rooms and Apartments
Private Yacht Berths


Millenium Canal


4 Star Superior Business Hotel; G+7
400 Rooms and Apartments
80 Private Yacht Berths
Bar and Restaurants
Conference Center

Built up area

27.480 sqm


Venice, Italy



Studio Marco Piva, together with Studio DHK of Cape Town (South Africa) and Studio Favero & Milan Ingegneria of Mirano (Venice) have developed the project, dealing with the internal architecture and the furnishings. The refined elegance of the furnishings, the advanced technology and the high standard of cuisine make the Laguna Suites the ideal location for customers of standing and privilege.

The aim of the project carried out by Studio Marco Piva is to create an advanced “Hospitality Industry” building designed to give special attention to the needs and wishes of the customer, using the most recent technologies and providing high quality standards. The whole complex is situated in a truly enviable position only 800 meters from Mestre railway station, in the heart of the city, and about 10 minutes from Venice by car.