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Star Hotel
Rooms and Suites


Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni


Interior Architecture, Interior design, Entrance Canopy Architecture

5 Star Hotel


85 rooms (61 standard, 15 deluxe, 8 suites, 1 presidential suite)

1 SPA, 1 gym, 2 swimming pools, 1 lounge & lobby bar, 2 restaurants, 2 meeting rooms, 1 board room, 1 wine cellar, 1 reception, 1 rooftop, 1 botanic garden

Built up area

6.000 sqm / 5.800 sqm


Cagliari, Italy



Both in the rooms than in the common spaces, will be perceived an immersion within the colors related to Sardinian culture, especially to its territory: the oranges, linked to the orange-pink shades of the sunsets over the Cagliari sea and the flamingos, an animal that has just returned to the city; the blues, linked to the color of the sky and the crystal clear waters of the Golfo degli Angeli; the greens, which refer to the surrounding unspoiled nature.


Second Studio Marco Piva’s project in the city of Cagliari, the requalification project foresees the change of destination from office to hotel.

The inspiration behind the design derives from the history of the territory and from the old configuration of the building, specifically from all the technical elements hidden in the architecture, which become the leitmotif of the new spaces.

In developing the layout of all the rooms, Studio Marco Piva has preserved the view of the landscape, taking advantage of the large windows of the historic building, overlooking the dock and the hills of Cagliari, to create a constant link between the city and the experience that will be lived inside.

From the suites, located on the fourth floor and with a double height of 6 meters, it can can be admired a unique views of the sea and the recently redeveloped marina.