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interior desing

living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, studio, gym, japanese bathroom, guest bathroom, housekeeping bedroom and bathroom, 2 terraces.

Built up area

260 sqm indoor + 75 sqm terraces


milan, italy


2021 – 2022

On the highest floors of Torre Solaria, the tallest residential building in Italy, Studio Marco Piva has designed the interior of an apartment for an important foreign client. The original layout has been modified for a more fluid appearance of the environment: a dynamic space linked with the outside, with a set of features dedicated to a contemporary businessman.

The environments dedicated to work, leisure and relaxation, such as the specifically requested Japanese bath, have been designed to blend tradition and modernity, combining the needs of a businessman with his most intimate sphere: a dedicated home, with a precise identity, in which to recognize himself at each stay.

A delicate luxury that is expressed through details, a minimal style that enhances the essentiality of the design, in balance between elegance and lightness.