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Denmix Development


Main Villa; G + 1 + Basement
6 Rooms and 6 Bathrooms
Family and Chef’s Kitchens
Living and Dining Areas
Luxury Garage
Treatment Room and Make-up Saloon
Man Cave and Technical Spaces

Built up area

Land area: 3.858 sqm
Total house area: 1.378 sqm


Beverly Hills, Usa



Glamorous and fancy at the same time the Villa will have strong characteristic of masculine design. That was the client brief, who describes the project with a Russian word that means “den”, a wild mammal’s hidden home: a refuge/sanctuary for his own style.

The unique and crazy project of this villa is an interior design project by Studio Marco Piva that aims to achieve an absolutely “wow” effect, right in the heart of Beverly Hills luxury villas compound. The strong architecture given will be magnified with the marked character chosen for the interiors: an expression of pure geometries and materials where volumes, shapes and textures are blended together to create an innovative and contemporary place where to live or find comfortable spaces for relaxation or socializing moments.