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Interior Design

G+2; Office, study rooms, family living room, guest living room, guest dining room, family kitchen, salon veranda, garden with canopy and infinity pool; Master bedroom and master bathroom, 3 bedrooms with bathroom; Living room, home theater, kitchenette, Guest bedroom and bathroom

-2 basement; Family event area with show cooking kitchen, living and dining area, library; Gym, Spa, pilates room, swimming pool, inner garden

Built up area

2.587 sqm




2021 – on going

This Private Villa is located in the Bilkent district of Ankara, the cosmopolitan capital of Turkey. The already structured architectural project passed on to Studio Marco Piva for a unique interpretation of the interior spaces. The Villa is structured on 5 levels: a ground floor and two floors above ground for the exclusive use of the property and two semi-underground floors dedicated respectively to guests and wellness areas.
Living the home was the concept that guided the entire interior design process: home for the family and its guests; a warm and welcoming place, in which to indulge in pleasant private moments, comfortable relaxing breaks, evenings with friends.

The selected furnishings made in Italy combined with custom designed elements make each room special. Elegant fabrics cover the floors and walls, swinging between velvety carpets and delicate silk wallpapers.
A Private Villa as a sensory narration with a custom design for an idea of conviviality to be experienced for the contemporary home.