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Exhibition Stand


Milan, Italy



The sensory area shows the comfort of living in a Saint-Gobain house: a small intimate and cozy space thanks to the constructive covering of the walls-thermal-acoustic insulation and visual comfort-illustrates all the benefits of Saint-Gobain Italia solutions.

The training area, on the other hand, is intended for targeted meetings with industry professionals.

The Materioteca area consists of large tables equipped with touchscreen monitors and maquettes, so that individual visitors can get in touch experimenting and interacting independently with materials and products.

Studio Marco Piva with Saint-Gobain has designed a meeting space – exhibition and work – dynamic: between art and decoration, architecture and design. The promise is an interactive and open experience that tells the story of the company.

Organized by MADE Eventi, MADE EXPO is the leading Italian event dedicated to innovative and sustainable solutions for architecture and construction: the Saint-Gobain space designed by Studio Marco Piva describes an experiential path between nature and matter, innovation and sustainability. The installation is divided into two areas: 9 vertical and variable-height totems design the first exhibition space without perimeter walls under the banner of surprise and emotion; the second space, operational and functional, immerses the visitor in a new relationship with the brand.

The exhibition space is fluid and immersive: a hybrid solution between different environments. The totems, varying in height between 3 and 5m, narrate nine different material surfaces – plaster, metal, glass wool, rock wool, bitumen, glass, mirror, NHL lime, cement. Also particular is the presence of “green” among these essential sculptural elements: verticality and Nature for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability.