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Zhejiang Mailang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd


Masterplan concept



Built up area

Commercial: 18.738 sqm

Hospitality: 39.960 sqm

Residential: 64.600 sqm

Total site area: 123.298 sqm


Quzhou, China



From the functional point of view, the three towers will house a variety of activities, Elements such as the ‘curve’, the ‘green’ of the mountain and the ‘reflection’ and ‘softness’ of water have been incorporated into the design plan.
From the point of view of building materials, glass was chosen to adapt to the characteristics of the water, as it perfectly combines the two key words of “reflection” and “softness” as an important material for the construction of the façade.

The New Zhejiang Eco-friendly Mixed-use Development is part of one of China’s most developed provinces: Zhejiang Province.
The city of Quzhou has a topography that includes mountains, reservoirs and river valleys. It is from the concepts of “Mountain, Water, Urban” that SMP draws inspiration and aims to closely integrate the architectural form with the natural environment.