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Architecture & Facade


2023 – on going

The architectural project for the renovation of the facade of Antonini Tower provides for the partial restoration of the architecture of the pre-existing tower, giving it a distinctive morphology that stems from the cues from the previous structure and translates into a modern architectural solution.

The design concept provides for loggias that, enveloping the entire building, establish a connection with the surrounding area and offer usable and scenic outdoor spaces: a soft aesthetic with sinuous shapes that, like light and elegant ribbons, enfold the building.

The building has two floors below ground and 19 above, with a total height of approximately 70m. Starting from the lower floors, the dynamic elegance of the parapets extends fluidly over the entire height of the tower, softening its overall profile. A special glass insert, a stylistic element that is a feature of buildings designed by SMP, has been inserted in an irregular pattern in each parapet enabling residents to enjoy captivating views of the city of Milan.