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interior design

family housing complex in reykjavik

210 apartments, from 48 to 160 sqm

Built up area

21.000 sqm


reykjavík, iceland


2021 – 2025

In the ex industrial area, close to the port of Reyakjavík, land reclamation work has begun in the area that will host a new residential lot consisting of six buildings, for a total of 210 apartments, for which Studio Marco Piva has been commissioned to plan the Interior Design.

The design approach of the intervention summarized three interior moods inspired by the Icelandic landscape.

Eimur recalls the smokiness of the vapors of the encounter between lava and ice, a pure and elegant mood designed for a less young target and tied to tradition. Sær tells the osmosis between the Arctic sea and the city of Reykjavík, a sophisticated mood with abstract and innovative colors, designed for young couples. Blámi plays with the various shades of blue for a new “crystallized fluidity” inspired by the ice of Icelandic nature, a modern mood designed