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Zhongying Caojiantou Real Estate Development Co.


G + 6 + Basement
Hotel and Hotel Apartments
Meeting & Congress
Ice Skating Arena
Restaurants & Lounges
Supermarket, Retail activities, Multifunctional Space and Parking
Public Terraces and Rooftop Event Pavillion

Site area

27.000 sqm


Hebei, China



The rest of the area is instead thought of as a green lung for the building to isolate it from the main road, with large green areas and pedestrian and cycle paths. The heart of the intervention is the ice skating arena, strongly desired by the client, sheltered and emphasized by a soft glass cover. Different accesses have been studied depending on the intended use, from the hotel to the shops, from the public terraces to the spaces for private events.

Organic and fluid forms characterize the architectural project designed by Studio Marco Piva for a multifunctional building in Caofeidian, 200 km far from the Chinese capital. The area dedicated to the project involves the construction of a building, 30 meters high, designed to integrate with nature through its organic and fluid forms and the use of light and dynamic materials such as glass and steel, in a play of volumes characterized by the contrast between opaque and transparent stripes.