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Development and Construction Committee of Hangzhou Linping New City,
Hangzhou Yuhang City, Construction Group Ltd.


Landscape, Masterplan, Architecture, Lighting, Interior Design
4 interconnected buildings from G-2 to G+3
Podium, Water Park, Traffic Flow

Built up area

Masterplan & Landscape: 210.000 sqm
Architecture, Lighting, Interior Design: 70.000 sqm


Yuhang, China



The design concept is based on the idea of dynamical forms, able to define functional interlaced spaces but also modulated, to strongly interact with the environment reacting to natural or artificial lights, generating visual surprises and reflection effects. The inspirations came from History, local Culture, Art and Nature.

The landscape Design developed is aimed to build a sustainable, ecofriendly environment, well balanced between the city and nature, the so called Water Park. All the four buildings have been carefully studied from the point of view of space-organizing, people’s needs, materials choice and technical requirements.