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Hengtong cultural tourism development


5 Star Luxury Hotel; G+48
4 Star Hotel; G+35
Serviced Apartments Tower; G+35
Residential Towers; G+25, G+24, G+22
Waterfront, Podium, Congress center
Parking, Wedding chapel, Theatre
Heliport, Retail Activities, Diving centre

Built up area

177.865 sqm


Suzhou, China



The historic sailing boats become modern dynamic buildings, in which the traditional mast of the ship is transformed into a vertical connection system for the lifts, and the rest of the building in the sail, in a combination of history and technology. The masterplan has also dealt with the entire area around the three buildings, with particular attention to the green areas, public spaces, parking and commercial activities, other towers for residential use.

The concept of the Dancing Sails project by Studio Marco Piva starts from the context in which the lot is inserted, in Suzhou, a hundred kilometers far from Shanghai, where the Yangtze River flows into Taihu Lake, the third largest lake in China. The theme of water, very important for the tradition of the place, has been taken up to create the three iconic architectures reminiscent of the image of sailboats moved by the wind.