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 Zhejiang Chang-On Real estate Development Corporation Ltd 


 Interior Design 

G+2 + basement 

Basement: Swimming pool, relax zone, sauna 

Ground floor: Lobby, lounge, reception, changing rooms, gym, 

multifunctional area, lounge bar, male and female bathrooms 

First floor: Poker room, billiard room, cigar room, vip executive lounge, wine cellar, terrace lounge, male and female bathrooms 

Built up area

1.420 sqm


Huzhou, China



The concept is inspired by the place and its tradition, specifically by its nature, by the sinuous shape of the Gingko tree leaves, the ancient tree of the city whose evocative forest extends for 12.5 kilometers, and by the archetype of the fan, with its shape and characteristic ribbing.
A fluid design that functionally divides the space into three areas of activity: leisure for the ground floor, entertainment for the first, wellness for the basement.

The project for the Huzhou Club Center is part of the new “Change on – White city” residential complex, in the ancient province of Zhejiang: an exclusive club at the service of the residences, but also open to the city and its guests.