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IEG – Italian Exhibition Group


Alma S.p.a. e Pointex S.p.a., Atelier Casabella, Atlas Concorde, Baruffi Engi­neering, Bellamoli, Cimento®, Dreamet, Eco Contract + Eco Design, Effei­talia, Li & Pra®, Manetti Design, Montecolino Spa, Sigma Coatings, Skema, Unilin

Technical Partners

Intermark Sistemi, Signify


Rimini, Italy



Supermaterials are the essential ingredients for the recipe for a future and sustainable architecture: new surfaces, new supermaterials for a sustainable regeneration of the contemporary.

Organised by IEG, Superfaces is the B2B marketplace dedicated to innovative materials for interiors, design and architecture. iSUPERMATERIALI – the exhibition curated by Armando Bruno, Studio Marco Piva’s CEO – in D5 hall of Rimini’s fair, tells the story of a triple encounter between nature, man and material: a connection marked by mathematics and beauty. First supermaterial is the earth, the surface first touched and marked by man and his primeval passage. This is the inspiration for the selected color palette: tones that oscillate between reds and browns. Elementary geometries that are transformed into essential Totems display that follow the Fibonacci numbers due to their size in succession. The exhibition space becomes an architectural and immersive labyrinth for the visitors.