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Interior Design; 4 floors
Living room, Dining room, Show Kitchen and Working Kitchen, Studio, Music Room, Laundry, Terrace with swimming pool and outdoor kitchen with barbecue, 4 bedrooms (master, secondary, guest, service) with private bathroom, 1 guest bathroom.

Built up area

600 sqm over 4 floors


Padua, Italy


2020 – 2021

The interior design project for this private home, located in the heart of Padua, emphasises the existing spaces and highlights the historical character of the Art Nouveau architecture of the building.
The aim of the project was to develop a functional continuity between the architecture and the interior design. Some emblematic elements have also been reproduced inside to create an osmotic dialogue with the outside and give the house a luxurious and monumental character, perfectly integrated into its surroundings.

The result is an exclusive home on four floors, with large and interconnected rooms, whose cladding and finishes have been completely custom designed: from the use of precious materials such as marble, metals, various wood and glass finishes which, combined with the lighting system, create spectacular plays of light and shadow. Research into colour played a key role, favouring neutral colours alternate with brightly coloured elements.