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G+1; 2 floors with guest house; 7 bedrooms on suite, 11 bathroom,

5 living rooms, 1 dining area, 3 kitchens, 1 gym, 1 office, 1 elevator, 3

nanny rooms with bathrooms, 1 barbecue area, parking for two cars,

security room with bedroom and bathroom; 1 terrace

Built up area

Site area: 2000 sqm

Ground floor: 896 sqm

First floor: 615 sqm

Total BUA: 1511 sqm without terrace and garden area


Accra, Ghana



Located in the city in an area with great potential, this villa is situated at the end of a private road where there are pre-existing private villas built after the liberation, around the 1960s and 1970s.
The architectural design foresees a mixed structural process, using different materials: concrete, steel and local tuff. The villa has been conceived in an S-shape, in pursuit of simplicity, with rigorous and rigid exteriors, and contrasting interiors that convey comfort and pleasantness by smoothing out the corners.

Symmetries and roundness have also been created on the basis of a hierarchical elementof reference which is the centre of the villa. At the back of the villa, designed to become a social hub, with a guest house, barbecue area and fitness area, a process of environmental protection was initiated, saving in particular a centuriesold mango tree and a pine tree typical of the Accra area. The interiors are enveloped in a dark atmosphere with total black furnishings and dark tones.