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Market LCC


Architecture & Fit Out
5 Villas
G + 1 + Basement

Built up area

7.555 sqm


Moscow, Russia



A luxury compound of five villas in the forest for a ‘cozy’ community. Taking inspiration from the concept of a treehouse, so that top floor appears to be floating outside of the central structure. Using a formal architectural approach of overlapping volumes and the set rhythms, there is a monumental richness in the simplicity of the final form that sits in harmony with the surrounding atmosphere.

The harmonization between the residences and nature has been done through the use of full length windows and the choice of materials that recall the natural ones, such as stone-effect ceramics and wood-effect composite materials. Another main element in the design is the light, with light beams and metal profiles that emphasize the architectural’s features and create evocative scenographies that enhance the overall project design. A slight variation in the form and finishes add a sense of individuality to each villa.