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Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Ltd


Interior design
G+41 – 410 apartments
G+44 – 94 apartments
18 typology, from 78 to 503 sqm
Common areas, lounge, reception, lift lobby, cafeteria corner

Built up area

15.199 sqm


Chengdu, China


2018 – 2021

Shape of nature and its colours are reflected into the chosen materials and textures, such as rich decorated marbles, strong vertical lines that remind the bamboo canes of the near natural reserve, circular elements such as mirrors, lamps and tables that point to the traditional Chinese umbrellas. An elegant blend of Chinese culture with Italian tradition for an aesthetic, functional and emotional result.

In the historical heart of Chengdu city, Studio Marco Piva realized the interior design of luxury apartments for the new Tonino Lamborghini Towers complex, and the common areas of the tower. Starting from an analysis of the city context, the design proposed took inspiration from the local nature, architecture and culture. The input was to create a new way of living, developing an elegant and high-quality interiors concept. An important reference came from the theatre world, one of the most important form of art of the territory, that suggests to use decorative and scenographic tent and sliding doors acting as theatrical wings.