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Masterplan Development
Residential Buildings
Cultural Units
Park/Green Areas
Public Spaces

Built up area

66.450 sqm


Sanya, China



Sanya Romantic and More Fun is the new Riverside Lifestyle Complex in Hainan province: the southernmost administrative region of China. Sanya, known as Oriental Hawaii, is an international tourist city with a tropical seaside scenery.

The shape of the traditional Chinese fan and ribbon are the two concepts that guided the entire project. In them are merged Nature, Landscape, Art and Stereometric Vision.

The plot path redesigns the natural landscape of the place in continuity between outside and inside spaces: it’s located in the Binglang section of the Sanya River which flows from north to south of the entire new district. The entrances to the four large areas of the complex are located along the main streets of the city and ensure a good connection with the station and the airport. There are two main areas: the dynamic area with the most commercial functions and the static area with a residential purpose.