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Shanghai Huadi Construction Engineering Co, Ltd


2 Samples Apartments
21th Floor

Built up area

Apartment A: 235 sqm
Apartment B: 170 sqm


Shanghai, China



The design concept of the two apartments located inside the prestigious Schwarzwald Tower in Shanghai originates from a strong symbolic reference to the cultural roots of the place: the colors of the earth, specifically the reference to the terracotta army, to the statues belonging to the most important archaeological site in China. In the interior design project curated by Studio Marco Piva the statues are reinterpreted in a modern way, originating two distinct interpretations that create the mood of the two apartments.

Apartment A plays on the combination of feminine organic forms and cool male colors, while the Apartment B on more angular shapes combined with more feminine colors. The mail of the armor is recall in the boiserie, while the concave shapes of the shields are recall in the custom furnishings. Layers and interactions of precious materials, fascinating textures and high-contrast surfaces transform the apartments into metropolitan sanctuaries with breathtaking views of the Shanghai skyline.