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Washington Italian Embassy



Marco Piva’s Aria chandelier designed for Reflex Angelo has been chosen to illuminate the Ambassador’s study through a rose of sharp, opalescent glass petals. Aria for Reflex emerges from the union of glass and the element of air, which represents lightness, movement and freedom. This fusion, combined with the light source, creates a perfect harmony between design and functionality: the light seems to fluctuate, creating a unique and evocative atmosphere, a work of art that blends with its surroundings.

It has been inaugurated in July 2023, in Washington, the project Villa Firenze Contemporanea, that brought a selection of the best of contemporary Italian Art and design to the heart of Washington, at the residence of the Ambassadors of Italy. The project was curated by architect Prof. Renata Cristina Mazzantini, who selected over fifty works of Art and Design representing Italian creativity and elegance, integrating them into Villa Firenze’s Tudor-style architecture.