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Reggia Contemporanea



In the Queen’s wardrobe, “Venini Universe” designed by Marco Piva for Venini stands out as an impressive and evocative installation: a chandelier nearly four and a half meters high, a new suspended jewel illuminating the firmament of Murano Glass art. A cascade of about six hundred hand-blown glass spheres, Balloton Venini: an ode to the craftsmanship, dedication, and passion of its creators.

The exhibition “Reggia Contemporanea”, located on the first and second Piano Nobile floors of the Royal Villa of Monza, is an exhibition inaugurated in December 2023 and curated by Cristina Mazzantini. It features over 100 contemporary art and design works by some of the leading figures in Italian creativity, interacting with the 18th and 19th-century settings of the Royal Villa.