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Architecture – Interior Design
Formal Living Room, Dining Room, Main Kitchen, African Kitchen, 4 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Office, Service Rooms

Built up area

Ground Floor: 469,40 sqm
First Floor: 498,20 sqm
Total BUA: 967,60 sqm


Accra, Ghana



Villa Milano is centrally positioned in a compound of 6 luxury villas in Accra, Ghana, configuring itself as the most scenographic of the solutions. Free on 4 sides and surrounded by nature, the architecture develops with a minimal structure dictated by dark colors, a tribute to black Africa and the colors of its nature, large transparent windows that allow the outside to be reflected inside, and vice versa, as if the composition of the spaces were the natural evolution of the external part of the building, with asymmetries that identify the most private parts of the house, guaranteeing privacy.

The interiors will feature a palette of highly qualified and performing materials and a selection of ad-hoc furnishings, with custom designs and products from some of the most prestigious Italian companies in the sector.