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Architecture – Interior Design
4 G+1
Formal Living Room, Dining Room, Main Kitchen, African Kitchen, 4 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Office, Service Rooms

Built up area

4 x 525,75 sqm


Accra, Ghana



Essentiality and purity of forms characterize the contemporary architecture of the 4 Roma villas designed by Studio Marco Piva within a luxury residential lot, consisting of 6 total villas.
Each housing complex is developed on two levels, with a monumental full-height glazed entrance emphasized by the use of LED strips which ideally divides the housing structure into symmetrical parts.

Natural components with warm tones, such as wood and marble, combined with the transparency of the large windows, the coldness of the metal and the sinuosity of the fabrics selected for the interiors, create a rigorous but captivating facade rhythm, from which it is possible to perceive the interiors, conceived as a material and formal continuum of architecture. On the ground floor are the garages and common areas, on the upper floor the bedrooms.