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36 SQM



The 5-meter installation takes the form of an irregular hexagon of multi-material paneling: Material Tower shows the essence of sustainable materials, the basis of Saint-Gobain’s innovative design and ethical vision of living and building. The tower has six sides: two with a material coating, two complemented by ledwalls, and finally two transparent ones that, like suspended windows, reveal an interior sculpture made of glass wool. A transparency that excites and describes a cloud of creative thoughts: material filaments capture lights and shades from the top of the tower, perimetered by LEDs of different colors. The ledwalls will tell the story of matter: synonymous with research and experimentation, innovation and sustainability, a journey between different materials from their origin to their transformation.

On the occasion of Interni Cross Vision, Studio Marco Piva presents an experimental micro-architecture from sustainable materials for Saint-Gobain: Material Tower.

Materials constitute the soul of a construction project, their evolution punctuates Architecture over time: from the most primitive forms to the most modern and contemporary ones, a mix of natural and recycled ingredients that generates innovative materials with which to respond to the challenges of the future while meeting the needs of the present.