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Zhejiang Mailang Cultural Tourism Development Co, Ltd


Interior Design

G+5, -2 basement

Lobby & elevator lobby, exhibition hall & reception, scenographic staircase, leisure area, bar, conference room, common bathroom, restaurant, private dining rooms, multifunctional room (ball room), SPA, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, standard office rooms, 60 standard rooms, 8 suite, chairman office & private leisure area.

Site area

10.000 sqm


Quzhou, China


2021 – ongoing

Studio Marco Piva was commissioned to design the interior design of a new multifunctional complex that will be located in the evocative nature of the village of Quzhou, in Eastern China.

The customer’s request for sustainable development, for both the requirements of the Chinese Green Building Evaluation Standard and the American LEED Gold certification, meets an interior design immediately oriented to the energy saving and environmental protection.

Sustainable and recyclable materials, lighting systems and highefficiency sources, intelligent solutions for water saving, soundproofing and ventilation of the rooms: all follows a “smart” direction, with systems managed in an intelligent and automated way for optimize consumption, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure comfort and safety. The simple and elegant design with precious and sophisticated details,

is inspired by tones and shapes of the surrounding nature and merge with a fluid and dynamic architecture aesthetics.